Report Template

Last weekend the Gem’s kicked off their 2018-19 season, with both Arapahoe Basin and Loveland opening.

Sunday of opening weekend at Loveland.

This means it’s time to start sketching out a template for Gems report to ensure some consistency between reports. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

  • Background: Setting the stage, including my prior experience (or lack thereof) with the area, historic curiosities, and why I’m stoked to get there.
  • Travel: How far from Denver? Worthwhile stops along the way? Gotchas?
  • Ski experience: terrain, lifts and snow.
  • Locals: people I meet along the way from liftees, the retired dude skiing 100 days a year, to young groms
  • Crowds and logistics: I value these two enough for them to merit a separate category.
  • Lift tickets: Cost, ways to save, and what we paid. No Gem makes you pay for parking, so not need to report.
  • Food: What would a regular meal cost.
  • Beer: How guilty will you feel for buying a craft beer on hill?
  • Camping beta: how far to the nearest (free) camping? Can you park in the area’s lots?
  • Human-powered options: Uphill access policies? Backcountry gates? Nearby backcountry areas for skiing and/or snowshoeing.
  • Map: A custom map showing some of our favorite trails, backcountry tour, spots to camp, and where you should have a picnic on the hill.

What am I missing? What should be “systematically” documented that Gems excel at? Things that make or break a ski area experience for you?

I doubt most adventures will go smoothly enough to be meaningfully smashed into such a formulaic template. It’s aspirational, and a point of reference to look back on later.

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